Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Make Fish Tacos

My favorite food group is Mexican...not the hard core, Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods type, but pretty much every thing else.  One of my all time favorites are fish tacos.  Every time I mention this to anyone, I usually get a nose wrinkle or the occasional "ew..gross" comment (usually from a child).  When I try to point out that NOT liking them is insane for anyone who likes a) fish and b) tacos, that it's a bit of a match made in taco heaven, people still don't buy it.  I thought a tutorial might help those naysayers understand the beauty that is the FISH TACO.
First, make your sauce:

Equal parts mayo & sour cream, with a few chipotle peppers and the juice of one lime thrown in.  Blend.

Sample.  Mmmmmmmm........

Get the stuff you are going to cram into the little tortilla ready: cabbage, your awesome sauce, cilantro and limes.

3 eggs with salt and pepper, panko bread crumbs and fresh cod cut into chunks.  Take swig of sweet tea you made earlier, prepping for the mess you are about to make.

Get momentarily distracted because husband has allowed chickens to come onto deck to mock you and freak you out while you try to cook.  Hope they mistake chunks of fish for poultry and know you aren't afraid of them.  Don't make eye contact because you ARE afraid of them. 

Give those chunks of fish a nice egg bath...

Pretend you are Paula Deen or Rachael Ray and show off to the dog how well you can do the egg dip AND the bread crumb dip.

Toss those babies in hot peanut oil 'til they are nice and golden brown...put first piece of fish in with fingers instead of tongs and burn the shit out of your thumb.  Remember you have 4 sets of tongs in drawer to your left.  Use them.....

Drain on paper towels.  Again, notice the tongs.

Warm up corn tortilla on cast iron skillet...forget about the tongs because you are still skeeved out at the possibility of those chickens wandering in the house...burn middle finger.

Announce to daughter what is on the menu...take in enthusiastic response of "NOOOO!! That's mean!  I wanted macaroni and cheese" and begin to do that fake cry every mother loves and can't get enough of, especially when she's already wigged out by chickens and is about to plunge her burnt fingers into her ice tea because it's the coldest thing within reach. 

Assemble.  Watch as son devours 6.  Accept there is no way in hell daughter will even try this magical taste treat and give her two pieces of plain fish.  Listen to her announce how "this chicken tastes weird."   

 Come to Mama!!!  Decide that everyone else is crazy, these are awesome and you are a fabulous cook, even if your idiocy will require skin graphs on your fingertips. 



  1. made me hungry...
    now... finding fresh fish in Colville?? not so easy...
    *sigh*.... and I so want these...
    move over Paula... meet Andrea!!

  2. ps....
    I say find someone to sell those chickens to and get rid of them.... and I don't care who likes them... you don't ... you rule!!

  3. yummo! And another delicious dish that makes me thirsty for a margarita!! Ole' amiga!!